Add Happy New Year 2015 Widget in Blogger Edition 2

Happy New year Friends. I am Going to Share a widget for Happy New Year Effect for Your Blogger Blog. Recently i publish a Happy New Year Widgets and this over second addition .Lot of Blogger Loves this type Widgets to Attract their Blog Visitor’s and Friends. Today(1/1/2015) I am Going to Provide … [Read more...]

Happy New Year 2015 Blogger Widget Code

New year i.e 2015 is very near and lots of bloggers are trying to add some Happy new year 2015 widget to their blog. Blogger is among the best blogging platform and many bloggers are using this platform because this is completely free platform. Today I am going to provide you a tutorial to Add Happy … [Read more...]

Floating Google Search Bar for Blog of Blogger

We all know about Search Bar and its important in website. With the help of search bar over visitor can easily navigate to over site or easily find in over Blog.  So, today we are going to share a Google floating Search Bar. so over visitor see every time whenever the Scroll down in over blog and … [Read more...]

Free Contact Form with File Upload and Captcha for Blogger

Hello Friend, Hope you good. Today's we learn how to create a simple contact form with no company Ads and along with an upload option that will allow your visitors to send you files straight from your website. The files can be a text file, video, audio, pdf, gif, png, anything. Many bloggers have … [Read more...]

Find Facebook ID Number of any Profile and Page

When creating a Facebook account, the system automatically give a user identification number, known as the Facebook ID Number. Facebook allows the user replace their ID with username. If you're using a custom username for your Facebook profile or page, then unique Facebook profile ID won't appear. … [Read more...]

Add 360 Rotate CSS Effect in Blogger

Hello Friends, Today i'll show you a very cool CSS trick. Rotate your blog 360 degree when loading. This effect is very eye catching so your visitor impress to you. Once adding this impact all the pages of your blog can rotate simply once the total loading of your blog. The live demo of this impact … [Read more...]

How to Schedule Post in Blog of Blogger to be Posted Later

Scheduling your posts could also be helpful if you have got written your post on some coming topic but your not during a mood to post quickly, well at that time you will be ready to schedule that post to be posted at any time on any future date. the best thing is that blogger itself provides you  to … [Read more...]

How to Change Time Zone on blogger for Schedule Post

It is very important to have an accurate time zone for your blog. many of us wont think about that generally. If you're scheduling post on on some future date you'll face problems that your post won't be published and some times happens like your content will be treated as very old if your blog … [Read more...]

How add Read More Button in blog of blogger

Expandable post or popularly referred to as “read more” may be a feature that make your blog shows only a part of your posts on index pages i.e. home, labels and archive pages. At the end of every preview there will be a link to the post page, sometimes attached to the phrase “read … [Read more...]

How To Remove or Delete locked Widget in Blogger Template

Your blog style plays a very important role in increasing blog traffic, if your blog doesn't appear as useful one then people not get attracted towards your blog. To give Nice look to your blog you have got to rearrange the gadget in correct place,so that user will access simply.For this typically … [Read more...]

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